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EH*V The Arts Interns Recs #4

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

EH*V welcomed 67 new Interns to our collective who are all working on a theme or topic close to their hearts this Summer. One such group is the EH*V Arts Intern Team whose work will shed light on myriad artistic mediums and genres. Every Monday, the team will share their recommendations in their genre for the this week. Please get in touch if you'd like to get involved!

Josie - EH*V Visual Art

Art Recommendation : @evetakinganude on Instagram.

Eve Taking a Nude is a feminist art series started in May 2020 by Blanca Schofield Legorburo. Blanca paints submissions of women’s nudes “in order to tackle nude shaming, the eternal presence of the male gaze and to encourage an appreciation of the natural beauty in the world around us,” as well as connecting us back to our “inner Eve” rather than the sexualised form of a womxn’s body. All the paintings are captioned with thoughts from the subject, to give a voice to the typically silent nude, and the bright abstract lines and colours add to this voice and personality.

About Josie: I am a second year at Oxford and a huge art lover. With EH*V, I am interested in learning about and promoting the work of forgotten or unheard women* artists throughout history, as well as highlighting contemporary talent.

Sanaa - EH*V Film:

This week I want to recommend the film “Toni Erdmann” by female director Maren Ade. It’s a wonderful German-Austrian comedy-drama about a successful and overworked business woman whose world is overturned by the arrival of her father. A very funny film that explores the complexities of father-daughter relationships and sexism in the workplace.

About Sanaa: I’m a 3rd year undergraduate, studying Arabic & Spanish at Oxford. I was born in Paris and raised in France, Mexico and Uruguay. I love travelling, cinema, theatre, literature and music. I was lucky enough to start acting professionally at the age of six and have been keeping it up ever since. You can spot me in the new Netflix series “Caliphate” where I speak in bad Swedish and cry my eyes out. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my movie recommendations as much as I enjoy making them !

Brittany - EH*V Dance

My recommendation for this week is The Sofa Dance by acrobatic theatre company Mimbre, available on BBC iPlayer and YouTube.

“When the world is no longer your stage... 30 acrobats physicalize the shared exhaustion, frustration and complications of living within drastically limited space; creating absurdity and beauty while stuck on their sofas.

A short film providing a snapshot of the extraordinary spring of 2020 and how differently we all dealt with it, and inviting viewers to share their own experiences from the comfort of their sofas...

Mimbre is an acrobatic theatre company fusing acrobatics, dance and humour to create visual poetry in unconventional spaces.”

About Brittany - Having initially studied modern languages at university, I decided to retrain as a community dance artist and am now mid-way through my postgraduate diploma at Trinity Laban Conservatoire for music and dance, specialising in inclusive community practice. I am also training to teach English as a foreign language and volunteering as a content creator for the Girls Friendly Society.

Una O'Sullivan - EH*V Film

This week I recommend the work of artist-filmmaker Ayo Akingbadeis the . In the last few years, she's created 8 brilliant short films which strike a gorgeous balance between dreamy and hard-hitting. Touching on themes of social housing, artistic expression, and issues with London past and present, Akingbade's is a voice for our time. ‘In Ur Eye’ (2015) addresses the gentrification and social inequity found in a changing East London. Through the use of contrast and reflections, Akingbade both grounds the viewer in a single space and captures its double layers of wealth and poverty. In ‘Tower XYZ’ (2016) Akingbade uses her talent for conjuring atmosphere to create a graceful assertion of urban experience. A hypnotic refrain of ‘let’s get rid of the ghetto’ adds urgency to the circular motifs of its cinematography, and the aspirations spoken in voiceover bring the film beyond the limits of its concrete horizons. Her most recent films aren’t yet available online, but I hope these two shorts give you a taste of what is to come from this skilful artist in the future. Below is the video for 'In Ur Eye'.

About Una - Úna is an Irish filmmaker and editor who graduated from the University of Oxford in 2019. She's worked in many capacities on film sets, and has directed and edited music videos, documentaries, and works of fiction. Her most recent works as writer and director are two episodes of the web series Dorian, short film 'Timewashing', and the feature film Humming Drums, which is due to premiere in October 2020.

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