Meet the Team



I am very excited to the be one of the co-presidents of EHV at St. Mary’s Calne. As EHV is new to Calne this year, I am keen to push it forward and make EHV an enduring club at Calne. EHV’s ethos and intersectional approach to feminism is important to me, as I am a strong feminist, and I am passionate about the women’s rights, particularly women of colour and women in business, who are often minimise themselves lest they appear intimidating. I am determined to continue feminist conversations at Calne, and in their absence start them. As co-president, I want to create an open space, where we can discuss prominent issues, such as the impact of social media on women’s mental health, the glass ceiling, the treatment of WOC in predominantly white spaces and the lack of representation in politics. True to the name, I want girls to feel empowered; through talks, discussions and gaining knowledge, which I believe is the ultimate resource.


I am extremely excited to be one of the co-founders and co-presidents of EH*V Calne. The opportunity to work with an organisation like EHV is one that I am extremely grateful for.  I am a staunch feminist and advocating for Women’s Rights, especially in West Africa, is something that I am extremely passionate about. EH*V will allow me to have conversations that will hopefully inspire change. I’d love to have conversations about how the experience of being a minority, whether it be a woman or a member of the LGBT community, revolves around men and explore this on a global and political scale, as I believe that there are cultural and political factors that perpetuate this. I would also like to encourage discourse on intersectional feminism, which is extremely important to me as a black woman. I hope that I can be an example to young girls and inspire them to be vocal about what they believe in. Using my voice to express my beliefs and opinions has been rocky at times but finding the courage to do this is what has shaped my identity and I hope to help other girls with this. 

Events Coordinator 

I am this year’s event co-ordinator for the launch of EH*V at Calne. I am excited to work with a diverse group of girls to create a safe space within our school to give girls a platform for their voice and the ability to tell their own stories. I am inspired by the positive change created by EHV and its creation of an inclusive virtual environment for discussion and education. I hope to emulate this with the help of the team here at Calne. I am extremely passionate about girl’s mental health and body image. I wish to support girls and encourage them to be comfortable and to have the confidence to be open and proud of who they are. I believe this is key to female empowerment which is the root of EHV’s mission.

Involvement Director 

I’m so excited to be involved in what I think is such a powerful and important organisation of empowering groups of women coming together to inspire and encourage conversations of female empowerment. I think it's super vital to encourage everyone within our school community to get involved and voice their own opinions. I really want to help create a safe space for all year groups to have open debates and talk about their own perspectives and personal experiences as I believe we can all learn and grow from each other. I’m really passionate about reaching equality in the world (especially gender equality), and I believe this gives me a perfect platform to help not only educate others but myself. We can all really make a change and have a huge impact.

Social Media Director 

I am beyond grateful for and am really looking forward to this amazing opportunity to be Social Media Director of EH*V Calne. It’s so exciting to be able to work with such a motivated and passionate team, as well as being able to work with such an incredible organisation. It’s inspiring how EH*V provides a platform for all women, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. To be able to create a safe, nurturing environment for young girls to voice out is something that I desire to do for Calne. In recent years, especially with the growing importance and influence of social media, I can see how powerful social media can be as a creative tool for education, information and discussion. I hope to use the online EH*V platforms to help promote confidence, self-love and unity among young girls, so they can fight and thrive when they go out into the world as women.

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