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Meet the Team

Since EHV was established at CLC, the EHV-CLC Team are particularly important to our collective. Their work gives a taste of what a team of women* can achieve, and more importantly, provides us with insights into the issues effecting women* in their age groups. Below is the Team for the 2019-2020 period.



I am this year’s president of EHV at Cheltenham Ladies’ College. This is a role I’m really excited to get into as EHV addresses lots of the issues I feel most passionate about. I want to advocate for those who can’t do it for themselves, focusing particularly on mental health issues and eating disorders. I have experienced a multitude of mental illnesses, from anorexia to depression, and I want to help others escape from these places. This, along with sexual assault and period poverty, is very close to my heart. I hope to make the EHV community proud this year. Stay tuned!


Vice President

I am the vice-president of Empower Her Voice in CLC.  I wanted to join Empower Her Voice as I am passionate about intersectional feminism and the creation of a more equal society. I am inspired by women helping women and hope to contribute in this area. I am excited bring increased discussion and debate about topics such as mental health, sexual abuse and gender inequality to CLC and can’t wait to get started!


Events Coordinator

Two key things drew me to Empower Her Voice. One was that 1/3 females globally are victims of sexual assault or rape. This is double the figure for males. The second factor is that I know too many people who have been made victims of sexual abuse. Empower Her Voice - amongst other endeavours such as The Survivor Project (a group raising money and awareness for victims of sexual abuse) which I co-founded -  is the perfect platform upon which I can contribute to raising awareness of the issue of sexual abuse, especially for females around the world.


Communications Director

I hope to act as an accessibility point for feminism, displaying that you do not have to be outwardly vocal in order to join in on the feminist movement; you may have opinions and morals that you do not explicitly voice unless you feel someone is disrespecting your view and opinions. The concept of unnecessarily hating on someone has never been something I have understood, and I want to give girls an understanding of what it means to be a feminist on all scales, including purely showing compassion to others.


Involvement Director

I’ll be making sure that the whole of the CLC community have opportunities to be involved in the projects and talks throughout the year. I’m really passionate about woman having voices in the workplace and being in roles of leadership and empowerment, and having been fortunate to have a good education myself I am very keen on other girls getting this opportunity. It is an important steppingstone in giving them a chance to hold positions of power to provoke more change. I’m really excited about getting involved in the Empower Her Voice projects to raise funding for scholarships which will be given to girls from different background so that they can attend school.


Social Media Director

I am super passionate about all things related to performing arts, which sparked my enthusiasm for feminist theatre. This lead me to become interested in the role of women in society and highlighted to me the gender inequality that is still present today! I am the social media director for Empower Her Voice in CLC which means I will use this platform to introduce our projects, forums and share our opinions!!