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Please find our podcasts on Soundcloud and below!

​Listen to us in conversation with inspiring womxn and non-binary people, talking about their passions and work across a huge range of fields. At EH*V, we created a space for audio content as these pieces are entirely free from the rigid academic structures that writing often enforces. Tune in to hear the actual voices of those we platform at your leisure. We go live on Hammam Radio every other Friday, check out our Instagram to stay informed on our schedule.

Material Girls Podcast 

The goal of this podcast is to create a space where the discussion on intersectional feminism breaks away from theory and academic reflections to focus on daily struggles one can encounter when dealing with violence, workplace discrimination, and other repercussions of the patriarchal system.

Created by Clara Palmisano and Giada Santana

Powered by Empower Her* Voice.

Language, Space & Belonging:

Voices from the Other End of the Line


This podcast series, created in collaboration with Paper Airplanes organisation, brings together the voices of conflict-affected women on the role that language has played in their experiences. We discuss the relationship between language and identity, the value of learning languages for personal growth, community building and self-advocacy, and also the challenge of speaking a language other than your native tongue; problems of language and cultural sensitivity.

Event Recordings


Recordings from some of our past events hosted in London and Oxford, from 2017 to 2020.

EH*V Voices (2018)


Our first series of podcasts, recorded in 2018, featuring outtakes from our show on Oxide Radio.

Poetry, Music & Civil Rights


A three-part series bringing together Jazz music, politics and poems.


TRIGGER WARNING - Mention of sexual violence, domestic abuse, rape, poor mental health, and explicit language.


Introducing the exciting new podcast series EH*V X SHAG. Brought to you from the bedrooms of Ellie Softley, Zoe Rice and Soma Sara, these four episodes explore the importance of sexual mental health. Empower Her* Voice’s Zoe speaks to Ellie (founder and director of SHAG) about one thing that seems to not be discussed enough.

Big Bad Blob: Radical Stuff


A podcast series that explores the social, political and economic intersections of menstruation through the thoughts and work of those on the forefront of radical change when it comes to how we relate to and act upon our bodies.

EH*V Voices (2020)


Recorded from June 2020 onwards, featuring womxn across the world, and outtakes from our show on Hammam Radio & Panic FM.

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