We organise events in the format of talks, panels and discussions across the globe to give women a platform, enabling them to be better heard when they speak about their interests, passions or any other topics close to their hearts. The design of the event is informal and open, as we believe that the true power of the talks is the conversation and story-sharing  that it encourages between speakers and the audience.

So often, we found that people feel that the only topic that women can talk about skilfully has to directly relate to feminism and what it means to be a self-identifying woman in our society. In contrast, this never applies to men. Women are so often tokenised, and that’s something that we are trying to work against. The main aim behind these events is to give women a space in which they can explore their own ideas without being treated as a token of their gender.

We are in the process of building a record of our talks: they are recorded in podcast form and uploaded to Mixcloud, which can be accessed here. Others can be found on our YouTube site. 

Below are recordings from Series One at Duke University, and a Talk from Lael Hines at Oxford University. 

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