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Introducing edition 2 of our literary magazine


EH*V is very excited to publish the 2023 edition of our literary magazine, DIALOGUE, which will annually publish poetry, fiction, essays and hybrid work from established and emerging writers.

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We are delighted to present works that help us examine and understand issues of reflection, from essays that speak compassionately or race to poems interpreting artwork. The pieces you will read have been crafted by our global community of writers and curated by this year's Guest Editor, Amanda Karch.

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editor spotlight

Amanda Karch writes poetry ranging from love to feminism, hoping to inspire and empower. She is the author of Her Favorite Color Was Sunshine Yellow, her debut poetry collection. Her work has also been published with Paddler Press, Topical Poetry, Querencia Press, Pile Press, and Moonstone Press, amongst others. She has published guest blogs and led poetry workshops with nonprofits in the world of female empowerment, and she was a member of the January 2023 Tupelo Press 30/30 Project cohort. You can find her on Instagram/Twitter @akkwriting.

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