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We use the * in Empower Her* Voice to ensure that all groups encountering gender-related marginalisation know that they are welcome in this community. 

Our platform brings together artists, creatives, activists, and academics who are all engaged in a common mission: to produce and discuss novel ideas with the potential to reshape our shared reality.

We are a global community-based platform for people who live under the effects of patriarchy. We spotlight their innovative and far-reaching visions and foreground their everyday lived experiences. We are a space of collaborative and productive dialogue,

a space dedicated to the voice and the story it has to tell.


The voices we platform have typically been marginalised or silenced in society. Those who are on the margins of representation are in the best position to critique this dominant image. Our fundamental belief is that individuals should be given the right to speak up not only for themselves but also for their community. No person or community should be spoken for or sidelined, and our platform works hard to prevent this erasure of voices. 

Our community revolves around the exchange of knowledge and experiences. We cultivate cultural, cross-disciplinary dialogue in our talks, workshops and team meetings. We want to create a virtual environment where knowledge filters through different mediums and disciplines, in order for us to build on each other’s ideas in a way that is constructive, and collaborative, rather than destructive. We also platform marginalised voices through our writing and audio pieces.

Our Big Sister Programme aims to make this knowledge accessible to our ‘Little Sisters’. We provide additional support and resources in order for them to better equip themselves in their professional and personal pursuits. 

We also partner with ‘Sister Organisations’ that provide full time education and other educational resources to young people. Partners are selected on the basis of having a common goal of educational empowerment. These organisations include the Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust in Pakistan; the Santa Maria Foundation in Colombia; GirlUp in Uganda. 

We use our platform as a means to fundraise for and raise awareness about these initiatives. We believe in the power of targeted and effective fundraising to provide the material conditions for people to better their lives from their own positionality. 

We always welcome people getting involved in the work we do. If you would like to participate in our current projects, fundraise or set up Empower Her* Voice at your own school or university, please email

We look forward to hearing from you!

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