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EH*V Singapore was lead by Jemima Bass and her team. If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to to learn more!




"Having a multicultural background and growing up in both Europe and Asia, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to interact and surround myself with a diverse group of individuals. Throughout, I’ve had many female role models who have played both small and large roles in my upbringing, who continue to inspire me to this day. In fact, it was my years at CLC which instilled in me a strong sense of feminism and introduced an array of topics one might think it unconventional to discuss. You could say that all these attributes made me who I am today: passionate about the arts, music and various sports. This is what I would love to instil in younger girls, an empowerment to strive for their unique abilities and the confidence to share and discuss their experiences openly."



"I am excited to be a part of EHV here in Singapore, spreading awareness about feminism and equality, as well as instilling a sense of empowerment. I’ve always had a passion for sports and music- in fact, being involved in a variety of sports I’ve learned the significance in maintaining good mental health- one of 2 issues I’d like to focus on. The high pressure and competitive environment I’ve become accustomed to can sometimes prove to be discouraging and has affected my own self confidence. This brings me to my second issue- I believe that mental health often goes hand in hand with eating disorders (something many girls deal with). I think it’s important for young girls to learn the importance of eating right- both boosting mentality and happiness." 



"Hi I’m Lila! Coming from Switzerland and traveling to Asia at a young age I was able to indulge in many cultures. What I found fascinating about them were the different perspectives of women and their role in society. Many times I had to keep my mouth shut on injustices women were faced with because they were seen as traditional norms, so when I found out about this empowerment program I knew it was my opportunity to make a change and stand up for what I believe in! I want to break gender roles, allow women to learn and discuss mental health, Menstrual  cycles, sex and sexual abuse. I hope to make a change in the way women see themselves in society and make sure they feel safe and valid." 



I am a half Indian, half Kiwi international student, who for the past 17 years have been living between New Zealand and Singapore. My main passions are most namely Swimming and Netball- which I’ve played competitively from the age of 9, and have been lucky enough to compete in numerous competitions worldwide. That being said, my ambition in life has always been to help people! Being raised in such a family orientated lifestyle has tailored me to be compassionate to those around me. As a result, I want to pursue a career in paediatrics. I think it’s important to help children- they are our future- and that every child deserves equal opportunities despite race and/or gender. Through EHV, I want to inspire young girls to get more involved with not only the sciences, but also sports.



"2 things you should know about me are that I’m Malaysian and I love sports. Indeed, it was my passion for Football that inspired me to join EHV, to both address the inequality in the sports industry that is still prevalent today, and empower young girls to pursue their ambitions. I’ve been playing and watching Football for the majority of my life, and have grown to realise not only the lack of attention and recognition women receive, but also the drastic wage gap and limited television coverage as opposed to their male competitors. I hope to bring awareness to these issues, as I believe that change here is long overdue and look forward to doing so with my team." 

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