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Meet the Team



Grace is a second-year medical student at Cardiff University and president of its new EH*V society. Her first year at University sparked in her an unexpected feminist awakening. There she became increasingly appalled by the numerous accounts of sexual assault on University pages, general sense of unease amongst female students and the lack of diversity in her teaching staff.


Reading the wonderful works of female authors such as Bell Hooks and attending a womxn’s circle over lockdown, she felt compelled to take action. It was there that she was introduced to EH*V’s very own Phoebe O’Hara.


She hopes to use this platform to shed light on the female experience in Cardiff and in particular to encourage fellow students to take a stand against sexual harassment and assault. She also hopes to create open spaces through women’s circles, book groups and Q&As in which womxn can talk about their passions with abandon and quash those gender stereotypes for good.

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