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EH*V Duke was lead by Eden and Clara from 2019-2022. If you are keen to get involved in the chapter please reach out to

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Eden Schumer is a sophomore at Duke from Westport, CT. She is a public policy major and political science/gender, sexuality, and feminist studies double minor with proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and a longtime passion for social justice, education, and civic engagement. In addition to EHV, she is the Director of Gender Equity and Senator for Campus Life for Duke Student Government where she works on sexual assault prevention and sexual misconduct policy review; expanding access to mental health resources; and supporting former student-athletes. She is passionate about finding and creating opportunities where she can support progressive change and bring together people who share a desire to help shape the world as we want to see it. She hopes to give back to Duke through community building, policy reform, and mentorship. After Duke, she wants to pursue a law degree and enter the world of politics and government, with a focus on education and social justice. In her free time, she loves art, writing, and music



Vice President

Clara Love is a current sophomore at Duke University as a Robertson Scholar and a Baldwin Scholar. She is working to pursue a major in Consumer Science and Social Change with a focus on women of color in advertising and media.
Clara is passionate about creating opportunities for those who are often overlooked in the corporate and political worlds, such as women, people of color and young people. This passion is exactly what lead Clara to EHV!
Additionally, Clara works towards making her passion a reality by serving on the Executive Board of the Duke Black in Business organization, advocating for young people as the youngest member of the Greater Durham Black Chamber of Commerce, advocating for undergraduate female business students as a Markets & Management Studies Ambassador, and doing research for the Duke International Relations Association. In each of these areas, Clara has been working to lead by example and prove to society that young people, women, and people of color, can and will have a dramatic impact on our world.

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