EHV Oxford has been the centre stage for EHV work since our Founders Amira and Zainab launched the chapter in 2015. Since then, EHV Oxford has held over 20 EHV related events and continue to do incredibly important work. 

Meet the team.


Communications Director

I joined the EHV Oxford Team in April 2019, and am so proud to be part of an organisation that platforms women's voices not simply because they're women, but because of the important ideas they contribute to fields and industries that for so long have prioritised men. As the Communications Director of the Oxford Team, I'm excited to build our EHV podcasts platform, so that an increasingly large audience (of all genders!) can have their minds broadened by the talks that EHV puts on, and so that girls and women all around the world can be inspired to platform their own voices, too.


Event Organiser

My name is Martha (she/they) and my role is to help organise events for Empower Her Voice in Oxford. I try to live my life in line with feminist values in all ways and working with Empower Her Voice is one way in which I do that. Oxford is an interesting place to operate from, as so much of the academia that is celebrated there exists in an incredibly exclusionary narrative- I believe that Empower Her Voice is just one way in which the education of women* can be showcased such that the imbalance is addressed.

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