EHV is an organisation working to promote girls' education and their empowerment; from spotlighting the achievements of women in universities to funding the education of girls in Pakistan, and connecting girls from disadvantaged backgrounds with inspiring female role-models. 


Our Mission

EmpowerHerVoice is currently working on three strands. 

EHV Talks: We organise talks and discussions in a variety of cities to give women a platform, enabling them to be better heard when they speak about their interests, passions or any other topics close to their hearts.

EHV Education Projects: We aim to work with schools and women's centres across the world to develop environments conducive to self-empowerment and self-growth. We hope to fundraise to set up scholarship schemes, provide physical resources, and establish extra-curricular programmes. We are currently working with schools in Pakistan.

EHV Role Models Projects: This project aims to connect young female students with girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to enact as 'role models'; in a sense an older sister figure who may guide her through her academic and personal path. 



We always welcome people getting involved in the work we do. If you would like to participate in our current projects, fundraise or even set up EmpowerHerVoice at your own school or university, please send us an email at

We look forward to hearing from you!