26/01/2017: EmpowerHerVoice's first Oxford series of talks took place at Wadham College. 

The list of speakers for our first series of talks is as follows:

Amelia Cooper: 'Deconstructing Walls: Humanitarianism and Solidarity in the Refugee Crisis'

Amelia is a third year History and Politics student and has worked in human rights for the past five years, beginning as an NGO representative at the UN Human Rights Council and more recently shifting to field work. She spent around three months working in the Jungle, Calais, prior to its demolition, and hopes to continue working with refugees after graduating.

Mannat Malhi: 'Legislative Authority over the Female Form'

Mannat is a second year Law student at Wadham College. She is a passionate advocate for women's rights and the rights of people of colour. She has held the role of Wadham's women's officer and the people of colour representative. She also writes for the Oxymoron, Oxford's satire magazine and the London-based zine, Skin Deep.






Aliya Yule: 'Selma James: The Power of Women' 

Aliya is a Philosophy, Politics and Economics student, and has done a huge amount of work in Oxford for issues relating to gender and race. She was OUSU’s Women’s Campaign Officer in 2015, is currently chairing the Preventing PREVENT Oxford group and has worked with NUS’ Students Not Suspects campaign. She is also the President of Oxford Students’ Palestine Society, and has helped Oxford's Politics Department with Curriculum Diversity for Core Undergraduate Politics papers.