31/10/2017: Our fifth series of talks in Oxford took place at the Handle Bar Cafe, Oxford. The talks were recorded and can be played back here, as part of a series being aired on Oxide Radio

The list of speakers was as follows:

Rosie Finn: Female Rock Stars and Girls on Guitars: The Riot Grrrl Movement.

Rosie studies Classics at Wadham and is proud to be a ‘loud girl’. She spoke about women in rock and punk rock genres, as the Riot Grrrl movement revolutionised the expression of female experience and anger in music. Music is a huge part of her life; she spends her time discovering new bands and going to gigs. She has listened to the likes of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Oasis from a very young age. She was angered by the under-representation of women in rock, began to look for her own female rockstars – and she certainly found them. 


Alexandra Murray Luo: ‘The Future is Female?’ Stop Capitalising on Women’s Futures.

Alexis studies History at Lincoln College. She is mixed race Chinese and British which is something she wasn’t always comfortable with, but has grown into. She has lived in Singapore, Fuzhou, Beijing, Leeds, London and Oxford. She has constantly navigated colonial spaces and often thinks about fitting in and ‘fitting out.’ She hopes to find a space in which she isn’t hyper-visible but comfortably visible. With this in mind, she started Homecoming Queen Zine earlier this year, a print zine and multimedia platform where people of colour and migrants share personal interpretations of belonging. The zine creates an interruption in the dominant colonial narrative, allowing us to build our own post-colonial identities. You can submit to her zine here: Submissions! Homecoming Queen Zine: AWholeHead. She spoke about the prevalence of white, neoliberal feminists and urging listeners to re-examine whether the way they interact with women embraces the diverse voices and backgrounds necessary to make feminism grow as an inclusive social and political movement.


Vida Adamczewski: 'My Kind of Gross' - Oversharing Through Poetry.

"I study PPE at Wadham, but let’s not dwell on that. I write poems about stuff I’m too embarrassed to talk about and the things I wish I’d said to the men I wish I hadn’t wasted my time on. I recently performed with New Gums (a poetry collective) at The Windmill in London. You can find my work in Cuntry Living Zine, Hate Zine, The Mays, and a few others. When I’m not writing poetry, I’m usually asleep – though I can also be found doing high octane activities like ‘getting coffee’ and ‘having a chat’."