I first heard about the Omid-E-Mehr charity last summer when my friend volunteered to work there. "It's basically a charity that empowers women, she said, I teach english, play football with them, and talk about my life in the United States." 

"A charity that empowers women"

The truth is, the Omid centre does so much more than that. Omid-E-Mehr, founded by sociologist Marjaneh Halati, offers Iranian girls who have been neglected, abused and sexually violated another chance. Their rehabilitation centre, situated in Tehran, gives them the opportunity to develop their language skills, creative skills and IT skills. Girls who have been forced to live on the outskirts of society and have been harshly deprived of the support they desperately need are finally taken in and given the care and attention they deserve. 

This summer, I will have the unique opportunity to work closely with the charity and am very proud to say that our proceeds will be donated to Omid-E-Mehr in order for them to carry on with their truly impressive and outstanding work. 

Life in Iran for Iranian women is far from easy. The ever-present social restraints suffocate any opportunity for these girls to thrive independently and work towards personal success. For this reason, I believe that Omid-E-Mehr is a truly unique charity organization, and Empower Her Voice will continue to support them. 

I strongly recommend taking look at their website for more information about the charity: www.omid-e-mehr.org