After the success of our project in Tehran, during which we fundraised to buy books, art tools and computers for a centre for young girls, we have decided to expand and work with schools in Pakistan. 


What is the EHV Pakistan Project? 

We hope to work with schools in Pakistan and set up schemes tailored to an individual school's needs. The different schemes we would run fall under the three themes outlined below:

1.     EHV Resources:

  • Fundraise to provide physical resources for students of all ages.

  • This could involve resources such as books, art supplies or a number of laptops/desktop computers.

  • For certain schools, it may be appropriate to focus on raising money to fund larger projects, such as the construction of new classrooms, science laboratories or libraries.

2.     EHV Scholarships:

  • Establish grants to fund EHV scholarship programmes that could sponsor girls of all ages through school or university, both in Pakistan and abroad.

  • Scholarships awarded would be based on background and merit.

3.     EHV Extra-Curricular Programme:

  • Work with schools in order to expand their extra-curricular programmes.

  • This would primarily be aimed at students over the age of seven.

  • We would find tutors or sufficiently trained volunteers to teach specific courses that would be particularly useful to the girls.

  • The courses would be focused on subjects outside the school’s curriculum, for example, on specific languages, IT/coding skills, debating, Art or Music.


How does the EHV Pakistan Project benefit young girls? 

We hope that the schemes we set up and resources that we donate to schools will help enhance the girls' education environments. 

Our final aim is to provide girls from disadvantaged backgrounds in Pakistan with environments conducive to a great deal of self-growth and self-empowerment.


How can you get involved? 

As we are in the early stages of the project, fundraising is the best way to get involved. There are several ways you can help: 

  • Set up fundraisers at your school/work

  • Visit our website and donate

  • Collect and donate books and for-mentioned physical resources



If you would like to know more about the project or would like to get involved, email us at: