is what we have donated to girls in Hashtegerd, Iran thanks to the donations we have received this year

Many schools across Iran are yet to have access to basic learning tools, connection to the Internet and thus the wider world and educational books such as English language learning resources. 

Over the past few months EmpowerHerVoice as been raising awareness and funds to provide these resources and we can now proudly say that our Iran Education Project will launch this June starting with a girls dormitory in Yazd, and schools in both Yazd and Kerman. 

We are also looking to create a 'PenPal' project, a link between girls at the Cheltenham Ladies' College and the schools in Iran whereby girls can exchanged information about their respective cultures, traditions and customs. This will enable both the girls in Iran not only to gain an understanding of British culture but will also dramatically improve their English language skills. 

I will be heading over there soon to launch the projects and so will keep you posted!

Lastly, thank you to all the donations that were made since the start of EHV, this was hugely appreciated and has enabled us to get this far.