12/12/17: This was the EmpowerHerVoice launch in Durham for the 2017/2018 academic year. Be sure to keep up to date with events happening in Durham by following their Facebook page and Instagram


The list of speakers was as follows:

Ellie Markham: 'Undirtying "Feminism"'

Ellie is a finalist at Grey, who has been heavily involved in university-level debating and is one of the best speakers at Durham. She spoke about the societal barriers to identifying with the feminist movement: 

"From the person at college brunch who sneers when you say you’re a feminist to the uncle who just doesn’t get why we need feminism, female solidarity is still not easy. Can a movement born out of the fringes ever be mainstream, and if so, how do we get there?"



Vicki Sadie Lincoln: The Story of a Female Boss 

Vicki will be sharing her experience of setting up her own business and how she has dealt with the perceptions about what young women are capable of achieving within the male-dominated hotel and food industries. 

"From people thinking I was a PA to my employees or 'you're too pretty to be working this hard' I've had to put up with some BS, but it is an incredibly rewarding experience to run a business and I encourage young women to be more entrepreneurial."


Anna Clark: Where do Women go in Commercial Law?

Anna is Law Society President and she will be talking about overcoming the challenges of progressing to a high-level within commercial law firms, and what can be done to overcome these problems.

"Woman out-number men at entry level, yet rates of progression in the industry are well below the starting point. The challenges are vast, but there has been some improvement. What can be done for the future?"